Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Power of the Sea

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The ocean is such a beautiful thing that many of us have adored throughout our lifetimes and will continue to adore. As humans we just seem to be attracted to its peaceful swish, swoosh, as it comes and goes along the stone and fine sands bringing with it fabulous creatures of the sea. It refreshes, replenishes and re-nourishes us as we swim and watch it moving back and forth along the coast. It is a platform for us to travel, explore and discover the world and we can sometimes take it for granted. We forget the power the sea has behind it and how it can come crashing down around us and cause damage and problems for all of us. Without water we would not survive as we do today. ‘Roughly 70 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water and somewhere between 70 and 75 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with it.’ Life is just not possible without it.

So because it will be in our lives no matter where we are or what we do we have to remember about our safety when being around it and when we are embarking on voyages of discovery. At EasyBoatBooking we want to provide you with three important guidelines that we believe are necessary to practice safe and happy times on the water
  1. Let someone know where you are going, what time you are 
  2. leaving at and what time you plan on being back. This gives peace of mind to those on the shore of what you intend on doing.
  3. Check the weather and plan what you will be doing as mother nature can turn nasty very quickly and you can be caught out in a storm very quickly.
  4. Always wear a lifejacket as it may save you if you fall over bored and get into difficulty.
Luckily for those who rent a boat from us you don’t have to worry about these things as we sort it all and provide it for you. No need to stress you can relax and enjoy yourself on the water and be safe just check out EasyBookingGroup today. 

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