Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New rental

rent a boatboat rentalsrent a yachtboat rental
This is one of our new boat rentals for the upcoming season, the ‘Diamond Biz’. It is a semi-rigid, extra large 102m2 surface dinghy.This is the equivalent to a 24m yacht and you are able to relax in absolute comfort. It is available for groups of up to 28 people in and can allow for 50 people when it is on the dock and stationary.

This boat rental is available for rent from Cannes , Monaco , Antibes and St Tropez. Amazingly it also has a cabin in the front which can allow for two people to sleep in and is accompanied by a toilet. The ship has a dual configuration with 4 sun beds distributed around it. Two at the bow of a boat and two at the stern of a boat. It has round spaces that can be used to assemble lunch tables and it has boat seats which can take 28 passengers sitting down.

The ship is the most stable in its class and the most economical as it consumes about 70 % less fuel than a yacht of the same size.


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