Thursday, 21 January 2016

Equality sailing

equality sailing
Equality is often a word that is thrown around in newspapers and magazine articles as something that isn’t practiced enough in this world. However, there are options all around us that can help us try and close this gap, especially if it is a disability that is holding you back. People can be equal even when they have a disability, it shouldn’t be something that will just hinder them from doing something. 

Sailing, whether you cruise, race or just like to potter around, can offer a lot to people who feel like something has been taken from them. Watch this link in order to see highlights from London 2012 Paralympic games. It leaves you feeling empowered and that everything is possible.

Sailing was first seen at the Paralympic Games in 1996 as a demonstration sport. Four years later it was included as an Official Paralympic Sport with two events at Sydney 2000. I.S.A.F. which is known as the website of world sailing also hugely represents this as a sport and it has become a huge occasion in the paralympics. It is great to see that humans can do this sport and race at an equal level even if there are differences between them everyone can still enjoy it. A lot of boats now are modified in order to make the journey more comfortable.

At Easy Boat Booking we support equality and like to help everyone's needs in the best possible manner. We respect these people who try to close the equality gap and get out there do do something for themselves.

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