Thursday, 6 December 2012

Do you want to charter a yacht for the Cannes film Festival? Check out our latest article with all the options!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Check out our new sailing yachts that are available to rent by the cabin!

Dream 82 Premier: Easy Boat Booking

Ever felt like going on a cruise but couldn’t afford it? At Easy Boat Booking we can offer you one better, a luxury cruise around the Caribbean and not on a huge cruise ship but on an exclusive catamaran with maximum only 3 other couples!

Chartering catamarans by the cabin is the most economical way to have an incredible, exclusive and luxurious holiday experience. Food is included as are some drinks and you have a crew to look after you for the week.

Have a look at our 2 catamarans available to charter by the cabin: the Dream 82 Premier and the Poncin 82 to see just how cheap it is!

Fancy being even more exclusive, check out our sailing yachts for private charter in the Caribbean.

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