Monday, 4 March 2013

Boat Rental News: Boat Fires on The French Riviera



Port Du Beal Arson Attacks


For all of you renting a boat this summer,  the French Riviera has been the victim of a series of arson attacks which have taken place on the Port du Beal in Cannes. There were a reported 11 boats and two cars damaged by arson  attacks and these incidences are now being investigated by the police.

Local residents of Cannes notified the fire services last Wednesday, the 27th of February when they noticed unusual scenes coming from Port du Beal. Fire fighters battled the flames on Port du Beal for more than an hour but the damage was already done. 4 boats, 4 to 5m in length were partially destroyed.

As police tried to identify the original source of the fire, a repeated attack took place the following Thursday destroying 7 more boats. This mysterious attack on boats in the French Rivera has prompter the gendarmes of Cannes to act quickly to investigate the suspected criminal cause behind these arson attacks.

Although extremely rare, it is important to be aware of what can happen when you rent a boat this summer. To avoid anything like this in future it is important that you find a safe location and berth for your rental boat. If you would like to reserve a berth for your boat ahead of time to ensure your rental boat is safe you can do so now at

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