Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Boat Rental: Best Boat Names


Boat Rental: Best Boat Names 

When you rent a boat many of you might not  realise the name that comes with it. You may even want to christen your rental boat with a new name! Here at Easy Boat Booking we have compiled a list of the wittiest, funniest, rudest and best  boat names to motivate you for choosing the beast “temporary name” when you rent a boat this season.  

Enjoy :

Boat Rental Cannes

Renting a boat this summer could be made all the more enjoyable.Just look at these guys!


Rent a boat Nice

Who ever wants to rent this boat needs to be a nerd, i think its the criteria. 


Easy boat Booking - Boat Rental

Not a rental boat, but stil, someone got fired after this surely....


Boat Rental St Tropez

I think he's "knot" joking !

Hire a boat in The French Riviera

Clever play on words with this one.


Boat Rental French Riviera

Get it? of course you do.

Boat Rental in Antibes

Rent a motor boat at easy boat booking  ( Girl not included ).


Easy Boat Booking  - Rent A catamaran

Saving the best until last! 


What do you think, would you like any of these names when you rent a boat this summer? Let us know by commenting below. Visit Easy Boat Booking and rent a boat in Cannes or charter a yacht in St Tropez. We have over 500 boats for you to choose from. Inquire today about your boat rental.

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